What’s it all about? And why is it Necessary

Jan 2010

When we, as a potential new bride of Christ, accept Him as our new Husband, we have a problem, as we belong to another, Satan, our old husband.

So here is the situation; we have left (abandoned) our old husband and old life and are now joined to another husband.

But yet, for as long as we live we are bound by an oath to that old husband.

So what is the solution? Where is the Hope?

Well the only way out of the old commitment is through death, because as you know, once you are dead there are no more legal holds on you, so you are free!

So when you enter the waters of baptism you die to your old life and to your commitment to your old husband.

But when you Exit the waters of baptism, you are born again into newness of life and into a new commitment to your new husband Christ.

So you are now committed to Him. And all previous commitments are legally and spiritually null and void!

 Reference: http://www.e-sword.net/