Living by Christ’s Nature

with George W Tyler

April 2012

Do we Love God? Does God want us to be One? Is Love and Unity within our power?

Yes… Yes… and Yes…

So where’s the problem then? Or rather where is OUR problem then? We had better get our story straight real quick! Repent real quick.

Love is a decision of our will (or our “won’t”) Ha-Ha! It’s a bit like this:

Paul says “I die daily so that Christ may come forth in me, Daily.” and I guess I say “I die once or twice in a month so that Christ may come forth in me for a few minutes.”

Maybe that’s where the battle is… With this… My flesh… It is not MY will… it is like; AGAINST My will… It is about asking and answering this question:

“Who is Lord”?

I’ve been working on a message: “The Highest Life Form.” Something partially transcribed from a message I heard a while back. It speaks about the two trees in the middle of the garden.

I was thinking… the best example of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was when Peter said to Jesus that he should not die on the cross. Peter is saying in effect that it is evil… But Jesus had said it, so how could it be evil? That’s why Jesus said to Peter: “Get behind me Satan”

Judging is endemic to the human nature… We all do it… It is very hard to see that we are doing it because we are steeped in it… we discuss what the “trees” are, but we don’t know the truth… and it is not what we think it is… we think that living by the tree of life is doing what is “good”… and that living by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is doing what is “evil”

Who can judge? Is there anyone who is able to judge…? Yes… the same one who opened the seven seals… JESUS… He is able! Wow Awesome Truth.

Jesus is the Tree of Life… and Satan is the tree of death, which is also known as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil… So we need to choose by which Life we want to Live…

Christ’s Life or Satan’s Life.

This principle applies to EVERYTHING and yet we don’t know; we don’t understand that we are living by wrong tree because we are saturated in its juices twenty four/seven/three sixty five and one quarter. We are born in it and live in it and die in it… But now… Through what Jesus has done… We now have the ability to CHOOSE which Tree we shall live by… And God gives us a little hint…  He says “CHOOSE LIFE!!!” Yes it is awesome… Wonderful it is… Hey Yup… He is Awesome Wonderful.

I remember that tape we heard when Gene Edwards preached to those guys in the USA, He was real funny… It’s real amusing because he didn’t know who they were but still he got their number a few times; he killed a few sacred cows even with them. It reminds me of a dream I shared with those we know back in South Africa… The dream showed that we had become just like any other man led denomination, where one dominant leader leads, and all the others just follow him. It is like a default part of man’s nature; to want Saul to lead and so reject God’s leadership.

Some men came up to me a while back and said, in effect; “You climb up the mountain and hear from God; then you come back down and just tell us what to do and we will do it… Classic… That was when I was supposed to tear my clothes off I think… but I was just too stunned I guess, and it took me a while to realise what they were saying, and by then they were gone…

The woman wants a man; but the thing is this: They want his name but they want to eat their own food. They are “nominal” (in name only) Christians, and they want to carry on doing their own thing and not HIS thing.

They say, “We don’t want to search out the Will of God for ourselves, we want to have leaders to find it out for us and tell us what to do; and then we will do it.” But they won’t actually do it… Yet that is exactly why we are each given the Holy Spirit… That HE may search the mind of God, even the deep hidden mysteries of God and reveal them to us. That is the Holy Spirit’s job. That is why the Holy Spirit is given!

And we all say: “YES… that’s right… But YOU do it for us.” It is ugly hey? And it makes you feel real bad. It fells awful.

There is a scripture about seven women grabbing hold of one man and so on.

Isa 4:1 And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

Isa 3:6 When a man shall take hold of his brother of the house of his father, saying, Thou hast clothing, be thou our ruler, and let this ruin be under thy hand.

That is exactly what they were saying to me!

Very interesting… human nature is so predictable that is why if you truly live by Christ’s nature it is easy to see the truth of what is happening because then you are free from that human nature and so can see, think, and feel clearly. You can at last start seeing things from God’s point of view… It’s like being Three D in a Two D world. Mmm now I see… He who is least in Three D is greater than he who is most in Two D. Wow simple hey! We were Two D Black & White… Now we are Three D Technicolor!!! Mmm… and with Surround Sound as well! Ha Ha!

And it may be even closer than we think….